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GSMC144 - SMS I/O Controller

- with 4 isolated inputs and 4 Relay outputs

Configurable SMS I/O controller

GSMC144 is easy to install, compact SMS I/O controller for use in industries, homes, offices, buildings, and anywhere remote control of devices, alarm notification or access control is needed.

It can be used as alarm trigger, silent alarm or simply set up to listen to commands for activating and deactivating on-board relays, which can be used to switch:

– Heating, Cooling,
– water boilers,
– alarms,
– access control,
– garage doors & ramps…etc.

There are also four isolated inputs on board, which can be used for monitoring whatever is controlled with the board, or use them as alarm notification inputs.

The GSMC144 will send SMS or Ring the numbers that are configured for it, upon event that is configured by user as well.

It can react on simple call and drop from the master number, upon which event it can activate any relay or send STATUS SMS to the Master number.

It can listen to SMS text commands, and activate / deactivate outputs (relays).

It is eXtremely easy to configure. Only one SMS to set the system with all parameters.

Password protected – it can be set only to react on single number, or simply response only to the numbers from the SIM phone book. Further as option it can be configured to react on all numbers.

Brief characteristics:

  • GSM: supports all 4 frequencies.

  • Inputs: 4x opto-coupled inputs

  • Outputs: 4x Relays (2Amps each).

  • Power supply: 7,5V – 13.8V DC

  • 4x LED status for each input

  • 4x LED Status for each relay

  • 3 color LED for general status: (Idle-Ready / Connecting / Error / No Network)

  • SIM Holder on board (on the back side).

  • Dimensions: PCB = 72 x 76 mm

GSMC144 is eXtreme Embedded's proprietary product so it is available as a device as it is, but also customization of its firmware and/or software is available upon request.

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